• YouTube Channel – What you need to know about the Excess Soils Regulation


    Check out our latest video on the new Excess Soils Regulation touching on what to watch for in your contracts. All in...

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  • Campaign to Secure Municipal Capital Works Funding


    We have partnered with the RCCAO on an intensive lobbying campaign to secure funding for municipalities to help balance...

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  • Ministry of Labour Updated Health and Safety Guidelines for Construction


    The Ministry of Labour has updated its Occupational Health and Safety guidelines for construction companies operating...

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  • Province Announces Enhanced Lockdown Measures


    On Tuesday, January 12, the Government of Ontario announced that it would instituting enhanced lockdown measures across...

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  • Provincial Survey – Youth in the Skilled Trades


    The province has appointed three Youth Advisors to help to attract more youth into careers in the skilled trades. To...

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