Proposed Changes to Pre-Trip, Annual, Semi-Annual, and SSC Inspections


Published on: 18/09/2014

The MTO is proposing changes to the regulations that govern commercial motor vehicle inspections (CMVI) in the province: Regulation 611 – Safety Inspections, and Regulation 199/07 – Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections. The proposals are intended to further align the Ontario regulations with the National Safety Code (NSC) for CMVI inspections.

Regulation 199/07 – Pre-Trip Inspections

Ontario adopted NSC 13 in July 2007 for daily pre-trip inspections of commercial vehicles. The intent of this regulation change was to bring Ontario under the national pre-trip umbrella, so that if an operator crosses provincial lines, their inspection requirements do not change. The proposed amendments to the pre-trip regulations in 2014 are aimed at bringing the Ontario regulations in line with recent changes to the NSC for pre-trip inspections.

A chart detailing the changes for trucks/trailers is attached below in Appendix A for reference.

Regulation 611 – Safety Inspections

In July 2011, Ontario adopted the NSC 11B guidelines for the annual, semi-annual, and Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) inspections for commercial motor vehicles. Since adopting this standard, the MTO has provided an education period for commercial vehicle operators to continue inspecting vehicles according to the old guidelines while they get up-to-speed on the new standard. This education period is set to expire on December 31, 2014. Once the new standard officially comes into effect on January 1, 2015, it is expected that all vehicles will be inspected to the amended standard only.

Since the adoption of NSC 11B in 2011, some amendments have been made to the national standard to account for new technologies (i.e. Electronic Stability Control). Some of the updates to the new standard include:

• introducing definitions for common terms in the reg (i.e. abnormally worn; damaged, Hazardous Condition, insecure, inoperative, ANSI, CSA, etc.);

• fluid leaks are categorized into three levels with specific definitions; and,

• clarification of which items are requires for visual inspection only and which require additional procedures.

Chart detailing the changes is attached below in Appendix B for reference.

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