Ontario College of Trades Regulatory Submissions - Trade Reclassification Reviews


Published on: 02/08/2017

For the past three years, the College of Trades has been operating under a moratorium for its trade reclassification reviews; meaning that no trades that are presently classified as voluntary could become compulsory. This moratorium is set to be lifted in the Fall, meaning trades can be reviewed and potentially reclassified before the end of 2017. Both the Ministry of Labour and the College have published new regulations to govern the new trade reclassification process. While not perfect, the processes are much improved over previous iterations. Attached are the Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance (of which OSWCA is a member) formal submissions on this review and consultation process outlining our final recommendations to reform the regulations before they are passed.

download Download Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance Response to the Proposed Regulation Respecting Trade Classification Panels Under the Ontario College of Trades
download Download Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance Submission OCOT Board Regulation

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